Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Catholic?

No, you do not need to be Catholic to attend Holy Cross Catholic School in Springfield, PA. Families of all faiths are welcome in our school community. 

However, our curriculum at Holy Cross is rooted in the Catholic Faith and a large part of our mission is to help students grow in their faith journey. As a Catholic school, each student will be expected to participate in daily prayer, religious education, and mass services.

Is there Financial Aid available?

Yes. Holy Cross Catholic School does have tuition fees, however, our private school education is made affordable through the various forms of tuition assistance available.

All families are encouraged to submit an aid application though FACTS. Check out the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website about information about grants and scholarships.
Please read more about tuition assistance and financial aid here.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes, bus transportation is offered and bus schedules are determined by individual school districts. 

Is there a Preschool Program?

Yes, Holy Cross offers Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Programs. Through our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs, young students are engaged in age-appropriate learning and social activities. Trained and expert staff create a warm, loving, and caring environment where students grow socially, spiritually, and academically.

Is there an aftercare school program?

Yes, Holy Cross Catholic School offers a cost-effective and engaging before-school and after-school program called CARES. Staffed by teachers and staff, homework help is provided. The after-school CARES program begins immediately at the end of the school day. 

Call 610-626-1709 to inquire about the current cost of this affordable after-school care.

Do you offer extracurricular activities?

Yes, school clubs and extracurricular activities are offered at Holy Cross. These change based on the interest of the students and the offerings of our staff. However Holy Cross consistently offers Student Council, Choir, CYO Sports, Altar Servers, Candlelight, and the Spring Show.

What sports are there?

CYO Sports are available to students. Sports offered include basketball, baseball, and volleyball.

What specials are offered?

Yes, Holy Cross offers technology classes, art classes, music classes, and physical education classes as special classes.

Are there services available for students who need extra help?

Yes, it is important to us that our students receive the support they need. Please give us a call at 610-626-1709 regarding information for extra learning support for your child.