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Holy Cross Attendance Procedures
Notes must be submitted within three (3) days after return from an absence. Failure to comply with this timeframe will result in the absence being identified as an unexcused absence and will be subject to school laws of Pennsylvania. Time out of school due to tardiness and absences for a portion of the school day will be considered on a cumulative basis and may translate into equivalent days.In cases where a combination of excessive tardy arrivals and/or missed days exceed the 10 day cumulative absence and the students grades are negatively impacted (below expected school standards), summer tutoring, summer school or grade retention may be required. This option is at the discretion of the school administration.

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In cases of students with medical conditions, parents are requested to notify the school of the student’s condition. Verify the absence prior to the start of the school day and a note stating the absence was due to the medical condition still needs to be sent into the office when the child returns to school. The school will also create a written proactive plan or School Attendance Improvement Plan for the student to obtain and complete school work. *Subject to approval of Administration.

In order to be excused, a physician’s statement certifying that absences are medically justified is required for three (3) consecutive days of absence due to illness.

The following are considered lawful absences:
illness of pupil, death in the family, doctor appointment/medical quarantine, student educational workshop/seminar/visit with the approval of administration, *family vacations which can be deemed educational excursions. (Vacation days are counted as excused absences but are subject to the count and procedures for ten (10) cumulative days.

Parents are required to report an absence on the school form before 9:00 AM. to inform the school of a lawful absence will count as notice for an excused absence listed above. *The form will count note for the absence, but a Doctor’s note still needs to be sent into the office when the child returns to school, if it is 3 days or more illness, or any day after the 10 day cumulative absence.