Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all our teachers! Our teachers were treated to a nice luncheon and other staff members and Father Kiernan took on recess duties so the teachers could enjoy the lunch period. Mrs. Moeller and Mrs. Spurrier came around in the morning with a cart of coffee, tea, orange juice, and bagels. There were also decorations and posters throughout the school. Thank you, teachers. Also, the teachers would like to say thank you for the lunch, snacks, and decorations!


Our annual Walk-A-Thon fundraising event is coming up on Wednesday, May 17th. This year our goal is to raise $10,000. Please help us reach our goal by sharing your individual student pledge pages on social media or send to family and friends or you can use the link here to donate on the general school page https://independent.pledgebrite.org/fund/hcrosswalk23


Easter Break

We hope that everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Easter Break. See you on Wednesday, April 13th.

A Celebration of Legacy, Hope for the Future

Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate the blessings of Catholic education. Along with the academic excellence that Philly Catholic schools provide, the affordability of the private education provided in the archdiocese of Philadelphia is another reason for prospective parents to take a look at how Holy Cross could be a good fit. With numerous financial aid options and scholarships, we believe that every student’s presence in the classroom is an investment not only in their own future but that of every person who will come in contact with them.


  1. A Cause for Celebration


According to greatphillyschols.org, one in 10 Philadelphia students attends a Catholic school. Philadelphia public schools have an estimated 121,000 students in 2023 and a student to teacher ratio of 16 to 1. On average, Philadelphia Catholic schools ratio varies between 4:1 and 13:1.


Philadelphia has three Catholic schools devoted to special education. This is a tremendous blessing, especially if we consider that many Catholic dioceses and archdioceses around the country don’t even have one!


In addition to the high quality education provided by Archdiocese of Philadelphia schools, our school offers various financial aid opportunities. Check out the financial aid options available through Philly Catholic schools!


2 Hope for the Future in the Midst of Challenge


Graduates of Catholic schools in the Philadelphia area are serious about higher education. $449 Million in college scholarship money was earned by the 2022 class of all 15 Catholic high schools in the archdiocese of Philadelphia. This is an impressive metric of how Catholic education prepares students to aim towards the future and to be a positive impact in the world.


What about the challenges? The challenge facing Catholic education is not economical, it’s not finding ways to run enough fundraising drives.


The central challenge which every Catholic school must face in today’s society is the exploding ferocity of, to use Pope Benedict XVI’s words, the “dictatorship of relativism”, of the pernicious ideologies which dominate today’s world, cutting at the roots of Divine Revelation: the nature of man and woman, of an alluring and empty promise of boundless license to be free of every moral ‘inhibition’ and ‘constraint’. This promise is nothing but poison sugarcoated in that primordial lie first made in Eden by Satan: “You will be like gods” (Gn 3:5) by turning against God.


Therefore, the challenge facing every Catholic school is the same it has always been: to proclaim the truth of Christ who – contrary to the lie of the devil – has already made it possible, not to “be like god”, but to be one with God (Jn 17:21), to receive the same divine nature of Christ by the maturation of the baptismal grace we have received.


There is, however, something utterly unique and unprecedented about our current situation in 2023: the need for Catholic education has never been more urgently necessary for children and young adults.


Our children have a right to the truth, they have a right to know the dignity and beauty of their vocation to be a boy or girl, a man or woman. Every child has the right to be defended and protected by their parents and educators from the multi-billion dollar industry of media influence which is broadcasting anti-Christian ideologies and dogmas at a level of invasiveness unprecedented in human history.


At Holy Cross, we are committed to defending these rights. Despite the immense challenge we face as a Catholic school in today’s world, we are filled with hope by the words of Christ: “I am with you always; Yes, to the end of time” (Mt 28:20). We are filled with hope for the future by each one of our students. They are our mission. And we are profoundly humbled and honored to be able to say that.


Happy Catholic Schools Week!


Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all fathers a very special Father’s Day this Sunday.


A Prayer for Fathers:


Heavenly Father,

you entrusted your Son Jesus,

the child of Mary,

to the care of Joseph, an earthly father.

Bless all fathers

as they care for their families.

Give them strength and wisdom,

tenderness and patience;

support them in the work they have to do,

protecting those who look to them,

as we look to you for love and salvation,

through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.



Happy Mother’s Day

happy mothers day with floral and greenery borderWishing all Mothers a very special Mother’s Day this Sunday. We recognize the very special role of a mother, especially in the lives of our students!

Thank you for all you do, the sacrifices you’ve made, and the gift of live you’ve given.

We pray for God’s blessing on all mothers; our mothers both living and dead, spiritual mothers, godmothers, foster mothers, stepmothers. We especially pray for women who long to be mothers or who have lost children in miscarriage and stillbirth or have experienced the death of a child after birth no matter what age. We entrust the care of all mothers to Mary, the mother of our Lord, who understands the joys and sorrows of motherhood. Amen.

May: Month of Mary

During the month of May we notice a certain beauty and grace unravel as the earth begins to bloom. In awe, we can see God’s creation come to life. How wonderful that the Catholic Church dedicates the month of May as a time of special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There is no, one way to honor Mary during this month. The Church offers many different prayers and remembrances of Mary to pray for her intercession and recognize her important place as our Mother.

Our students at Holy Cross Catholic School have an understanding of the importance of the Marian devotions and will be participating throughout the month.

We also invite you to participate in this Month of Mary at home. Here are a few simple ways to get the family involved and share our love and appreciation of our beloved Mother.

Three ways to honor Mary in the month of May:

1.     Bring Mary Flowers

Visit your parish church and leave flowers at the feet of the statue of Mary. Spend some time there afterward to pray for her intercession and follow those personal prayers with a Hail Mary.


2.     Make a Special Spot for Mary in your Home

If you have a small statue of Mary or an icon of her, find a spot in your house that is easily visible and will bring attention to her. If you don’t have any sign of Mary this could be a great opportunity to get one —or simply print this picture out and have your children color it, to hang up.

Another way to bring attention to Mary and show her special honor is to make a flower crown for her. (You can make one with pipe cleaners and artificial flowers from the dollar store or craft store.) OR simply place some fresh flowers next to Mary in a vase.


3.     Learn about Mary

Take time out of your normal family routine to learn more about Mary and her special place in our Church and lives. There are many credible movies, books, and websites that can aid in sharing her life both depicted in the bible and even what we know through the approved Marian apparitions. Here is a great list of children’s books to get you started.

Student of the Month March

Congratulations to all our March Students of the Month.


Principal’s Corner

Welcome to Holy Cross School!

My Name is Dr. Mary Rose Worrilow and I am the principal of Holy Cross.  We are a Catholic School located in Springfield, PA that includes Grades Pre-K3 through 8th grade.  Our curriculum is designed to educate the child spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.  In addition to our regular academic subjects, we also have art, music, technology and physical education.  We attend Mass once a month as a school with the student choir leading us in song.  We have prayer services before Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  We have student awards throughout the year that highlight various character traits.  Parents are always invited to these events.

We were recognized as an Archdiocesan School of Distinction for 2019 and 2021.  Our students showed growth in every grade level tested in the content areas of the Terra Nova.  Our growth was 100%.  We strive to keep the children engaged in meaningful learning in a safe, secure, and caring environment.

If you have any questions for me please email me at mworrilow@hcscrusaders.com. or call the school office at 610-626-1709.

If you are interested in sending your child(ren) to our school, please call Mrs. Spurrier at 610-626-1709 or email her at espurrier@hcscrusaders.com

God bless you and thank you for stopping by!

Dr. Worrilow